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What is the meaning of toany in Hindi?

Meaning of toany in Hindi is :

Definition of word toany

Examples of word toany

  • Patients in the Neonatal/Infant Intensive Care Unit have access toany specialty services they require.
  • “You may wonder,” saidLeon, “if wedidn't actually travel toany of these places, how did we get these tans?”
  • In some ways the benefit of American politics has been its ability to compromise and experiment with different political philosophise and proposals without completely committing toany.
  • Steak & Cheese from a cart in Midtown is not going to live up toany of those standards.
  • Having said that, what I find that most republicans sound like in conversation or in their own written word arepeople who are too belligerent or ignorant to pay attention toany of the facts put out to them and to my absolute dismay, racists.
  • To begin with, the Bill of Rights gives us a guarantee in Article IV that we cannot be subject toany search or seizure without a warrant.
  • Kuo's hire, if we feel like parsing the significance, not only gives Felder access to someone with experience in yet another part of the city but may help him, around campaign season, toappeal toany Chinese-American media and voters that aren't locked down by possible candidate Liu.
  • We are gathered here today because we believe that the Capstone should not belong toany one superpower.