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What is the meaning of thyself in Hindi?

Meaning of thyself in Hindi is : तू स्वयं

Definition of word thyself

  • yourself (as the object of a verb or preposition or as an intensifier) (pronoun)

Examples of word thyself

  • Do not then any longer fear to part with thine existence, it will at least put an end to those richly merited torments thou hast inflicted on thyself; _Death, in delivering the earth from an incommodious burthen, will also deliver thee from thy most cruel enemy, thyself_.
  • "Know in thyself and All one self-same soul," says the old Hindu poem "banish the dream that sunders part from whole."
  • Then she asked him, “O Moslem! the slaying of Nazarenes is lawful to you folk; what then hast thou to say about being slain thyself?”
  • Quoth the King, “O weak o wit, I bade not my nobles deal thus with thee but that we might gather together unto thee wealth galore; for may be thou wilt bethink thee of thy country and family and repine for them and be minded to return to thy mother-land; so shalt thou take from our country muchel of money to maintain thyself withal, what while thou livest in thine own country.”
  • Then said the Caliph, “O Ala al-Din, why hast thou absented thyself from the Divan?”