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What is the meaning of thyme in Hindi?

Meaning of thyme in Hindi is : अजवायन के फूल
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Definition of word thyme

  • Any of several aromatic Eurasian herbs or low shrubs of the genus Thymus, especially T. vulgaris, of southern Europe, having small, white to lilac flowers grouped in headlike clusters. (noun)
  • The leaves of this plant used as a seasoning. (noun)

Examples of word thyme

  • So I picked up three pepper plants, some elfin thyme (which is adorable!) and some catmint.
  • No trip to the beach is complete without bringing something back: sea urchins, fish, octopus, little crabs, or wild thyme from the shores.
  • Fresh thyme is an integral part of this dish, and is worth seeking out.
  • By the start of summer, the wild thyme is in bloom.
  • I remember a Cajun dish with shrimp and thyme from a long time ago.

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