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What is the meaning of thous in Hindi?

Meaning of thous in Hindi is :

Definition of word thous

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of thou. (verb)

Examples of word thous

  • "Stock'll be up t 'six hundred before week's out; net you' round four hund 'thous'n'," exploded Breede in his most vicious manner.
  • "There are 150,000 Jews in Budapest; they enter all the professions, and supply two members to the House of Magnates, and nine to the Chamber of Deputies, and there are two State Councillors; and you know with us every member of Parliament 'thous' every other in private as an equal.
  • Improvements in Bible scholarship and new evidence such as the Dead Sea Scrolls identified room for improvement in the quality of the translation and the archaic language of the KJV the thees and the thous became increasingly problematic for some.
  • I'm pretty sure those guys in congress have a tad bit more ehtical scrutiny than you holier than thous tossing stones being anonymous handles on the internet.
  • “But there are a bunch of elderly and holier than thous that live up here in the U.P.”
  • The Jews manged to supress their Gurila organisations and thous, avoded the Jewish Leadrship and miltery organisation by the British.
  • Its kinda funny to see thous places also some may not have been filmed here in that part.
  • Seems my little stunt got the attention of industry insiders, and not all of them believe that I bought a used ATM on Craigslist, which turned out to contain thous ...
  • You may spend thous ands of dollars every so often replacing things like the liner and the covers or repairing cracks or leaks.