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What is the meaning of thou in Hindi?

Meaning of thou in Hindi is : तैं

Definition of word thou

  • you singular informal, nominative case (pronoun)
  • To address (a person) using the pronoun thou, especially as an expression of familiarity or contempt. (verb)

Examples of word thou

    • Tell me now, thou of the gray head, of what art _thou_ thinking? '
    • With a wild cry she broke from him, and as bitter tears ran down her cheek, she said, "O Kephalos, Kephalos, why hast thou done thus? all my love was thine, and _thou_ hast drawn me into evil deeds."
    • "How shouldst thou so utterly desert me, Zorzi -- _thou_, and my people whom I love!"
    • “Happy ferry-man, ” thought Grainier, “thou aspirest not to fame; thou composest no epithalamiums.
    • But wilt thou make a fire, or shall I complain on thee to our mistress, whose hand, —she being now at hand, —thou shalt soon feel, to thy cold comfort, for being slow in thy hot office?
    • “And thou, ” he said, “thou gavest me thine oath that thou wouldst bring me in safety to Ehrenfels.
    • Say, whither art thou leading this glutton, —thou wretched swineherd, —this plaguy beggar, a kill-joy of the feast?
    • But thou art a thing preferred to honour: thou art thyself a fragment torn from God: —thou hast a portion of Him within thyself.
    • “Before thou receivest my daughter, and half of my kingdom, ” said he to him, “thou must perform one more heroic deed.
    • “Wilt thou be quiet, ” said the wolf, “thou wilt waken up the people!