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What is the meaning of thou'rt in Hindi?

Meaning of thou'rt in Hindi is :

Definition of word thou'rt

  • thou art (i.e. you are in archaic informal singular) (phrase)

Examples of word thou'rt

  • Or his comic masterpiece, Mac Flecknoe, satirising an obscure Restoration rival: "A tun of man, in thy large bulk is writ,/but sure thou'rt but a kilderkin of wit" (kilderkin: an old English unit of volume equal to two firkins).
  • Methinks that thou'rt the finest musician o 'our time.
  • Now as thou'rt better learned than me,Dear Cos', I leave it all to thee,To judge about this puzzling man,And ponder wisely – for you can.
  • As as Scots visitor wrote in the 15th century, "London, thou'rt the flower of cities all!"
  • Methinks, thou'rt frighted: Tell, what dost thou fear?
  • Not much: as anxious thoughts 'gan rise, thou'rt come.
  •     When comes a likely wooer? who protests thou'rt fair?