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What is the meaning of teethe in Hindi?

Meaning of teethe in Hindi is : दॉत निकलना

Definition of word teethe

  • To grow teeth. (verb)
    दांत उगाने के लिए।

Examples of word teethe

  • She filled my nose with all kinds of baby scents; plus, it was rather fun watching someone else teethe for a while.
  • He also loves to teethe on empty beer bottles and eat chocolate with his mommy.
  • I can see the 4 thing, since littler kids might try to snack or teethe on the Legos.
  • She is also starting to teethe and is getting cranky cuz of it.
  • Even the front steps were clean enough for Oscar to teethe on.
  • Also, a cold, wet, baby washcloth given to a baby to suck/teethe on seems to help.
  • But as is ... that is shaven, they resemble Gremlin teethe.