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What is the meaning of teacher in Hindi?

Meaning of teacher in Hindi is : शिक्षिका

Definition of word teacher

  • A person who teaches, especially one employed in a school. (noun)
  • The index finger; the forefinger. (noun)
  • The second highest office in the Aaronic priesthood, held by priesthood holders of at least the age of 14. (noun)

Examples of word teacher

  • The teacher who neither teaches nor can teach them to his pupils is a _bad teacher_; the pupil who, notwithstanding the urgent warnings of his teacher, neglects the exercises that can help him to acquire them, and fails to perfect himself in them, is a _bungler_.
  • Such classroom observations are an absolute measure; the rating of a teacher is against a fixed yardstick of what constitutes good practice, not against other teachers.
  • No, this particular rudeness just tells us the teacher is a pompous atheist.
  • This can be nice when a teacher is at a loss on how to approach a specific topic or just wants to try something new with his or her students.
  • First off all the teacher is the one who needs to change, and second, is this so called teacher still employed by the school district.


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