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What is the meaning of tea tree in Hindi?

Meaning of tea tree in Hindi is :

Definition of word tea tree

Examples of word tea tree

  • FTW sumwot OT Sunday I spent all afternoon & part of the evening in a bar/poolhall & hadda come home and washeverything i wuz wearing and washrinserepeat my hair wif peppermint teatree shampooz to get rid 0 da smoak sschmells.
  • Dryland teatree and mallee box (Eucalyptus porosa) communities were once widespread on Yorke Peninsula.
  • On western Eyre Peninsula, mallee box grew in association with dryland teatree and southern native pine (Callitris preissii).
  • Both the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas were once covered with dryland teatree (Melaleuca lanceolata) woodlands with herbaceous understories.
  • For a covering to sleep under, they fabricated a kind of rug by stitching together layers of the paper-like inner bark of the Australian teatree.


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