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What is the meaning of tea tree in Hindi?

Meaning of tea tree in Hindi is :

Definition of word tea tree

  • Any of various evergreen shrubs or small trees of the genus Leptospermum, native to Australia and New Zealand, having small, needlelike leaves and white, pink, or red flowers. (noun)
  • Any of several Australian trees of the genus Melaleuca, especially M. alternifolia, whose leaves yield an oil used in various herbal preparations. (noun)

Examples of word tea tree

  • Many natural antimicrobials such as tea tree or oregano oil have been shown to work as well or better than synthetic ones without creating resistant bacteria as synthetics like trichlosan can.
  • Skin Ointment by Nutribiotic contains powerfully antibacterial grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil, along with healing l-lysine, echinacea, bee propolis, honey, cajeput oil, calendula, and goldenseal in a natural base.
  • This lotion contains conifer-needle extract, tea tree oil, and Sea Buckthorn oil.
  • With no synthetic antiseptic chemicals to give rise to resistant bacteria natural antimicrobials are too complex for bugs to adapt to, this effective aloe and tea tree oil-based product is a great carry-along wherever kids and other concerns call for cleanup.

Varients Of Word tea tree

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