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What is the meaning of tank top in Hindi?

Meaning of tank top in Hindi is :

Definition of word tank top

  • Alternative spelling of tank top. (noun)

Examples of word tank top

  • As a large breasted woman, I can assure you that she was not just hanging out in a tanktop.
  • We all remember the jackbooted thugs, the zombified drones in their gray pajamas, the slo-mo Olympian in a tanktop hurling a hammer at the giant TV.
  • He saw Mallory standing in the doorway, inclined against the frame, wearing an unmemorable white tanktop, her dark brown hair fizzy and everywhere, and as a whole looking undefined by brands and stunningly herself.
  • Black hair hanging straight as a curtain to her bare shoulders, straps of her bra visible under a tanktop the color of a lime lollipop.
  • For some reason, I can always justify buying another tanktop because I can always "wear in under something."


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