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What is the meaning of tank top in Hindi?

Meaning of tank top in Hindi is :

Definition of word tank top

  • A sleeveless, tight-fitting, usually knit shirt with wide shoulder straps and no front opening. (noun)

Examples of word tank top

  • Denny adjusts the weight on the squat-lift machine, towering over me, his tank top showing off his strong biceps, his gym shorts revealing his prosthetic left leg. This leg, the one with the picture of Betty Boop, is named Betty.
  • A girl in a midriff-baring tank top rose out of a barrio in flames, carried aloft on a golden musical staff that snaked across the wall until it reached the gates of a pastel pink heaven with smiling clouds and characters from My Little Pony and Care Bears scampering about on a clean and spacious playground with angel wings attached to their backs.
  • She had a pointed feline face and wore crotch-cutting jogging shorts and a terry-cloth tank top stretched by pendulous breasts.
  • I stood on newspaper wearing a tank top and underwear while Mama Lola chanted and told me to say that I wanted everything bad to be gone.
  • I glance down at my lime green tank top and matching green-and-pink boy shorts, my standard sleeping attire.

Varients Of Word tank top

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