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What is the meaning of taken in Hindi?

Meaning of taken in Hindi is : ग्रस्त

Definition of word taken

  • Infatuated; fond of or attracted to. (adjective)
    मुग्ध; पसंद या आकर्षित करने वाला।
  • Past participle of take (verb)
    टेक का विगत कृदंत

Examples of word taken

    • Said boy was taken up by Thomas Walton, and says _he was free_, and that his parents live near Shawneetown, Illinois, and that he was _taken_ from that place in July 1836; says his father's name is William, and his mother's Sally Brown, and that they moved from Fredericksburg,
    • ” But, sir, the very moment we had taken up arms in their defense, it was discovered that all these were mere “fictions of the brain”; and that the whole number in the State of Massachusetts was but eleven; and that even these had been “taken by mistake.
    • "You've taken a mouthful out of my flask; not _taken_ it, certainly, but it went over your tongue all the same.
    • Nocturne – a term taken over by Chopin from the Irish composer John Field, but frequently employed by painters, too, particularly Whistler – is written in the relaxed, ambulatory tone of an 18th-century rambler's tale.
    • Harmartolos was a term taken from archery, meaning to miss the target: in this context it simply means someone who does not adhere to the Jewish law or ritual observances—either because he or she has failed to keep the prescribed practices, or because he or she is not Jewish at all14.
    • With a title taken from a theatrical stage-direction term for sounds originating offstage, the play appropriately skewers the backstage events and relationships of actors taking part in a fictitious tour of a sex comedy.
    • He mined that cosy vein further in Checking Out 2005, and a year later published his memoir Just One More Thing, with a title taken from his famous exit line in Columbo.
    • But that ruling didn't stop the NLRB from claiming authority over most Catholic colleges and universities by arguing that Catholic Bishop protects only "church-controlled" institutions that are "substantially religious," a phrase taken from Chief Justice Warren Burger's majority opinion in the case.