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What is the meaning of take in Hindi?

Meaning of take in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word take

  • To grasp with the hands. (verb)
    हाथों से पकड़ना।
  • An act of taking. (noun)
    लेने की क्रिया।

Examples of word take

    • Many of them applied to me my parents threaten to take my PC out of my room..take the Internet Modem etc..lol..yeah I love WoW and its Bloody addictive, But yeah still have a social life.
    • The failure of the US to take seriously what’s going on in Darfur is another face of racism – let those folks “take care of their own.
    • On finding he has fairly grinned himself into your good graces, he formally prepares to take leave, endeavouring at the same time to _take_ likewise what you are probably less willing to part withal -- namely, a portion of your cash.
    • QUOTATION: “There, take, ” says Justice, “take ye each a shell;
    • You write that I take your feeling for me “too lightly” and that I “take the whole affair too lightly.
    • I like you, take Tromp— (confound it!) —take Vautrin’s word for it.
    • There was no doubt that Snowball wanted to take a hand in the sport -- or perhaps it would be better to say _take a horn_.
    • If you take a photograph, _take_ a photograph, and don't try to do a pastoral play at the same time.
    • I didn't tell him then I loved him, but now I take this chance, I _take it_ GLADLY before you!
    • "Aren't you going to take advantage of me, man -- aren't you going to _take_ it?"