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What is the meaning of tahw in Hindi?

Meaning of tahw in Hindi is :

Definition of word tahw

Examples of word tahw

  • Sometimes, suddenly last summer, gooble gooble one of us, gniyas I ma kcuf eht tahw.
  • I hope Vick becomes a dogcatcher. government_death_rob: yeah, well uoy kcuf. cockroach: pu tog I ecnis sdrawkcab neeb sgnihtyreve yad gnikcuf a tahw
  • Aprons | _antaŭtukoj_ | ahn'tahw-too'koy blankets | _lanaj litkovriloj_ | lah'nahy
  • I use Xobni but it does slow down my XP laptop so I hope Microsoft speeds it up and that it’s a free addon in the future! reply tahw?