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What is the meaning of tagging in Hindi?

Meaning of tagging in Hindi is : बंधन

Definition of word tagging

  • Present participle of tag. (verb)
  • The act by which something is tagged. (noun)

Examples of word tagging

    • This tagging is a great end to a fantastic week peg_c
    • But tagging is just vandalism, nothing more. seandr
    • I agree that tagging is visual blight, and to answer richjensen's point in my experience most of the paint-outs I see are private property owners or neighborhood volunteer groups.
    • With the built in A-GPS module, geo-tagging is supported to note your photo taking location.
    • Many of its features will be familiar to anybody versed in tagging, poking and defriending: People can post photos, link to friends and ping messages back and forth online.


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