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What is the meaning of tab in Hindi?

Meaning of tab in Hindi is : हिसाब

Definition of word tab

  • A small flap or strip of material attached to something, for holding, manipulation, identification, etc. (noun)
  • (graphical user interface) A navigational widget for switching between sets of controls or documents. (noun)
  • A tablet, especially one containing illicit drugs. (noun)
  • A fast march or run with full kit. (noun)
  • A student of Cambridge University, derived from the Latin Cantabrigia (often shortened to Cantab.). (noun)
  • Mark with a tab. (verb)
  • To use the Tab key on a computer or typewriter to navigate the screen or page. (verb)
  • Short for tabulate. (verb)
  • A restaurant bill. (noun)
  • Credit account, e.g., in a shop or bar. (noun)
  • Short for tabulator. (noun)
  • A space character (     ) that extends to the next aligned column, traditionally used for tabulation. (noun)
  • cigarette. (noun)
  • A form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, commonly used for stringed instruments. (noun)

Examples of word tab

  • There is also now an option to add a customized favicon to a user's site, which is an icon that sits in the title tab of a website when it is viewed inside a browser.
  • So having the insurance pick up part of the tab is a big deal.
  • There was cracks that were present in the welds, what we call the tab welds, of the bridge since the day it was built.
  • Maycroft took a key with a name tab from his pocket.
  • I frequently repeated the word tab-ba-bone sufficiently loud for him to have heard it.


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