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What is the meaning of symbols in Hindi?

Meaning of symbols in Hindi is :

Definition of word symbols

  • Plural form of symbol. (noun)

Examples of word symbols

  • In each case a vehicle of symbols is necessary in order that one mind should communicate with another; but in both cases this is a vehicle of _symbols_, and nothing more.
  • Things really get interesting, however, when a piece of paper covered in symbols is found stuck in the victim's sock.
  • The perception of an innovation is colored by the word symbols used for it.
  • [Parent Keenan] Moore said students continue to walk around the high school displaying what he calls symbols and words of hate, and he doesn't think school officials have done enough to address the situation.
  • And to be clear, the “good fight” is, instead of accusing flag wavers of being neo-Confederate Klan sympathizers, to convince people of good will that embracing offensive and divisive symbols is counter-productive and hurtful.


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