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What is the meaning of swag in Hindi?

Meaning of swag in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word swag

  • To sway; to cause to sway; (verb)
  • To droop. (verb)
  • To decorate (something) with loops of draped fabric. (verb)
  • A loop of draped fabric. (noun)
  • A low point or depression in land; especially, a place where water collects. (noun)
  • Style; fashionable appearance or manner. (noun)
  • The booty of a burglar or thief; a boodle. (noun)
  • Handouts, freebies, or giveaways, such as those handed out at conventions. (noun)
  • The possessions of a bushman or itinerant worker, tied up in a blanket and carried over the shoulder, sometimes attached to a stick. (noun)
  • A small single-person tent, usually foldable in to an integral backpack. (noun)
  • A large quantity (of something). (noun)
  • Alternative capitalization of SWAG; a wild guess or ballpark estimate. (noun)

Examples of word swag

  • So heres my swag of how many people attend a party yesterday all over the country. my swag is 110000 total. fox/saudi/hate radio guesstimate with my BS filter of 10. 10million.
  • Marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and a potential way to kick the habit, the smokeless smokes have been distributed in swag bags at the British film awards and hawked at an international trade show.
  • Free crap for shrinks - swag from a psychiatric trade-show - Boing ...
  • All that being said, the swag is great and running through the streets of "Gotham" was an exciting experience.
  • An interesting bit of commentary on this … I wonder if they used that Harvey Dent rally event a few months ago … where you met up at various locations to get free swag from the touring Dentmobile … to judge what 12 locations would be the biggest/best.


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