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What is the meaning of surmount in Hindi?

Meaning of surmount in Hindi is : विजय पाना या पार करना

Definition of word surmount

  • to get over; to overcome (verb)
    खत्म हो; काबू पाना

Examples of word surmount

  • The key difficulty Mr Brown needs to surmount is that Labour looks so dreadfully tired (as well as appallingly incompetent, but let’s leave that to one side).
  • The barrier OneNote aims to surmount is one created by Microsoft’s own success in establishing Word and Outlook, plus the overall Windows file system, as the dominant standards for writing, calendar keeping, and workplace communication.
  • Of course we have "deep political and ideological divisions," but the failure of a committed left-wing ideologue to "surmount" them does not mean they are insurmountable, does not demonstrate that those divisions could not be surmounted by someone from either party truly determined to govern from closer to the center.
  • How will a growing common language allow humans to partake of life in a wider world, to surmount obstacles of global scope, and to find solace in continuities with the past?
  • WASHINGTON—When President Barack Obama addresses the nation Tuesday, Americans won't see a lot of the candidate who promised to surmount the nation's political divisions.
  • In a nutshell, Britain's experience suggests however loose the monetary policy, fiscal tightening is a hard headwind for an economy to surmount, especially when it's struggling out of a balance-sheet recession.