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What is the meaning of suit in Hindi?

Meaning of suit in Hindi is : सेट

Definition of word suit

  • A set of clothes to be worn together, now especially a man's matching jacket and trousers (also business suit or lounge suit), or a similar outfit for a woman. (noun)
  • A single garment that covers the whole body: space suit, boiler suit, protective suit (noun)
  • A person who wears matching jacket and trousers, especially a boss or a supervisor. (noun)
  • A full set of armour. (noun)
  • The attempt to gain an end by legal process; a process instituted in a court of law for the recovery of a right or claim; a lawsuit. (noun)
  • : The act of following or pursuing; pursuit, chase. (noun)
  • Pursuit of a love-interest; wooing, courtship. (noun)
  • The full set of sails required for a ship. (noun)
  • Each of the sets of a pack of cards distinguished by color and/or specific emblems, such as the spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs of traditional Anglo, Hispanic, and French playing cards. (noun)
  • Regular order; succession. (noun)
  • The act of suing; the pursuit of a particular object or goal. (noun)
  • A company of attendants or followers; a retinue. (noun)
  • A group of similar or related objects or items considered as a whole; a suite (of rooms etc.) (noun)
  • To make proper or suitable; to adapt or fit. (verb)
  • To be suitable or apt for one's image. (verb)
  • To be appropriate or apt for. (verb)
  • To dress; to clothe. (verb)
  • To please; to make content; as, he is well suited with his place; to fit one's taste. (verb)
  • : To agree; to accord; to be fitted; to correspond; — usually followed by to, archaically also followed by with. (verb)

Examples of word suit

  • LUCKNOW: The long-awaited verdict on the dispute over the title suit of the Babri Masjid-Ram
  • Common man is taken by surprise for despite an atmosphere charged with uncertainly and fear due to various restrictions and heavy police deployment, the public was mentally prepared to face the verdict, Mishra said and added that even parties to the title suit fully ready for the same, seemed rudely jolted.
  • The Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court is scheduled to deliver the title suit judgment on September 24.
  • Traditionally, the word "suit" is a sad one for ladies, especially when uttered during the summer months.
  • Mozzie calls Elizabeth "Mrs. Suit" because her husband is an FBI Agent or what he calls a "suit."


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