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What is the meaning of successive in Hindi?

Meaning of successive in Hindi is : लगातार का

Definition of word successive

  • Coming one after the other in a series. (adjective)
  • Of, or relating to a succession. (adjective)

Examples of word successive

  • If such families had any real existence they could have been formed only by crossing, by the accumulation of successive variations (_variation successive_), and by degeneration from an original type; but if we once admit that there are families of plants and animals, so that the ass may be of the family of the horse, and that the one may only differ from the other through degeneration from a common ancestor, we might be driven to admit that the ape is of the family of man, that he is but a degenerate man, and that he and man have had a common ancestor, even as the ass and horse have had.
  • The Falcons then added safety William Moore, cornerback Chris Owens and end-linebacker Lawrence Sidbury in successive rounds.
  • The first two years of her life were spent in successive phases.
  • Other researchers discovered a disturbing trend among the over 13,000 visits of outpatients with mental disorder diagnoses: the number of psychotropic medications prescribed increased in successive years.
  • Now, with the holidays over, we have seen two rises in successive weeks, and now Sir Liam says he thinks "this might be the start of the second wave".


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