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What is the meaning of succeeding in Hindi?

Meaning of succeeding in Hindi is : परवर्ती

Definition of word succeeding

  • Following, next in order. (adjective)
  • Present participle of succeed. (verb)

Examples of word succeeding

  • Still dreaming of Alaska succeeding from the union are ya Falin Palin? gl, Pittsburgh
  • As far as Alaska succeeding from the Union, With the way the Federal Government has grown and has taken over most of state's rights, I will not be suprised if we do not see more of this coming.
  • Correlating the fact that people are able to make a living, thus public schools must be succeeding is faulty logic.
  • Mr. Humala will serve a five-year term succeeding the centrist Alan Garcia.
  • If you can answer that question then your chances of succeeding is probably 90% higher than the person next to you.


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