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What is the meaning of substance in Hindi?

Meaning of substance in Hindi is : सारांश

Definition of word substance

Examples of word substance

  • American adolescents in a recent national substance abuse survey sponsored by the Substance
  • Hence the appropriateness of pro - posing as an alternative to the term Substance the con - troversial phrase “God or nature.”
  • "In the 1980s we developed an analogue to the well known psychotropic drug BZ, which we called Substance 78," he told NEWSWEEK.
  • "Substance" is understood as something that supports us, although it does not emerge into the light of reflective consciousness, it is something that can never be fully articulated, although it is absolutely necessary for the existence of all clarity, consciousness, expression and communication (RB 78).
  • Substance is wasted on parasitic filth like you, AB.


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