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What is the meaning of subscribed in Hindi?

Meaning of subscribed in Hindi is : हस्ताक्षरित करना

Definition of word subscribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of subscribe. (verb)

Examples of word subscribed

  • I've subscribed from the first issue and always thought they were doing okay.
  • After I comment on a post I'd like to be automatically subscribed to the comment feed and remain subscribed for either a certain amount of time or until the commentary dies down.
  • I like Odeo here as members subscribed is better than Podcast Alley's 'votes' - however I'd like a broader industry ratings tool (or scraped ratings algorthym)
  • I subscribed from the get go and have never regretted not having to dispose of 1/3 cubic yard (guesstimate) of dead trees per year.
  • He directed me to open his letters in his absence; your last letter, bearing a different address from the former one, was opened by me; but upon perceiving the name subscribed, I have declined to read it; and by his directions I return it to you inclosed, and _unread_.
  • In a word, though the name subscribed to the bond be that of
  • —And this my last will and testament, made in the fear of God, —whose mercy I humbly beg, and constantly rely upon in Jesus Christ—and in perfect love and charity with all the world—whose pardon I ask, from the lowest of my servants, to the highest of my superiors—written all with my own hand, and my name subscribed to every page, of which there are five in number.
  • I must have written both, for the name subscribed was unquestionably a
  • But if really taken from the Raleigh Register, who is the narrator, and is the name subscribed real, or is it as fictitious as the paper itself?