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What is the meaning of submitting in Hindi?

Meaning of submitting in Hindi is :

Definition of word submitting

  • Present participle of submit. (verb)

Examples of word submitting

  • But that’s silly too, seeing as reader and editor response clearly says I have a good chance and am close and the only thing I’m investing in submitting is usually time (thanks to the myriad of e submissions these days).
  • Jobs 'mention that developers can begin submitting programs to the Mac App Store by next month made it clear that this, like the iPhone's App Store, will be a curated environment, subject to Apple's sole control.
  • Rest easy in submitting to us: our artists and authors continue to hold all rights to their work, we ask for no rights whatsoever.
  • Now, my goals are to refine it into something I feel confident in submitting to agents and publishers, and getting to work on even more stories.
  • If you're interested in submitting some of your music for the videos, which will be broadcast on BBtv at a later date, send an email to brandon@offworld.com with the subject line "Atari Computer Camp" and we'll dig through and select our favorites from there.


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