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What is the meaning of submitted in Hindi?

Meaning of submitted in Hindi is : उपस्थापित

Definition of word submitted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of submit. (verb)

Examples of word submitted

  • � Mr. PATRICK KELLY (American Petroleum Institute): In our opinion the data they submitted is inadequate.
  • The information submitted is then transmitted to the government for verification.
  • When Palin submitted her op-ed piece on Cap & Trade, most of the comments were your typical astroturfing nonsense about her not being the real author and such.
  • About three weeks later, Moreau again submitted the letter with a new note saying he had not received a reply, court records show.
  • “The brief they submitted is completely contrary to controlling law, and will not carry the day, rest assured,” he told p2pnet.


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