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What is the meaning of submited in Hindi?

Meaning of submited in Hindi is :

Definition of word submited

Examples of word submited

  • The standard of some of the silents, both those newly produced and some of the older titles submited, was higher than I'd expected.
  • Would you mind terribly if I submited my entry via comment, now?
  • Hey, i was there it was amazing, i jus wanted to say thankyou to whomever that nice guy was who submited the picture of me and my 4 friends. thats awesome we made a bunch of websites, if you are the guy who tok the pic can u please email me a larger picture. thanx.
  • I had already submited an article that what i recommend to earn extra money on paid surveys sites, now i recommend more surveys sites for Americans and Canadians (I joined all these sites, but The comments are from my friend blogspot, all sites do pay you! enjoy!).
  • And as I've posted before, the audience, most of whom will have submited their questions that they deem important enough to be asked, will most likely not remain silent if a "Ayres" or "flagpin" question is asked.


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