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What is the meaning of subbed in Hindi?

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Meaning of subbed in Hindi is :

Definition of word subbed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of sub. (verb)

Examples of word subbed

  • It took over a week for Aoi Bungaku 1 to get subbed, which is not that bad, but we'll have to pray the trend keeps up.
  • Do you view your band as an entity whose members can't be "subbed" out or replaced for a gig?
  • Patrick Donker was the third runner, who occasionally 'subbed' if either runner was unable to make the day's journey.
  • In the season's final seven weeks, NBC's primetime game slots enjoy flex-scheduling, a semi-complex process in which promising Sunday afternoon games can be subbed in for seeming duds in primetime.
  • Driven by the desire to avoid injury and get back to the serious business of club football, half the team usually play at half-pace and the other half get subbed at half-time.
  • Unfortunately, he didn't notice the Quality Control test when shrimp was subbed for lobster in the capellini.
  • Elise - Ms. Big Mouth was good at telling what she wants, and despite missing one Quality Control test, she caught the parsnip puree subbed for the potato mash.
  • Put the cacao nibs into a small dish and roll balls into nibs or powdered cacao may be subbed.
  • I love that you just subbed more cinnamon for the cardamom -- a girl of my own heart!
  • Even when I subbed 1/3 of the amount of butter for shortening, there was a huge difference in taste for my cookies.