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What is the meaning of stubby in Hindi?

Meaning of stubby in Hindi is : ठूंठो से भरा

Definition of word stubby

  • Abounding with stubs. (adjective)
  • Like a stub; short, especially cut short, thick and stiff; stunted; stubbed. (adjective)
  • A small, squat beer bottle. (noun)

Examples of word stubby

  • Weldcraft's gas lens product line consists of three main styles - standard size, large diameter and 'stubby' - to fit TIG torches with 10N or 13N series front-end parts and to accommodate tungsten-electrode diameters ranging from 0. 020in (0. 508mm) to 5/32in.
  • You see, they have trouble differentiating between members of their fairer sex and a short beer bottle known as a stubby.
  • (known as a stubby) ratchets like a Swiss clock, fits all standard attachments, and comes with a bunch of bits, as well as extenders to help you get at hard-to-reach screws.
  • "The Gambusia just keep taking bites out of the tadpoles, and the tadpoles end up kind of stubby," says the study's author, Sharon Lawler, a professor of entomology at University of California at Davis.
  • It certainly is superior to the awkwardly redesigned shifters recently deployed by the aforementioned competition, such as stubby shifter stalks on the steering wheel that don't conform to traditional shifter behavior.


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