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What is the meaning of stubbed in Hindi?

Meaning of stubbed in Hindi is :

Definition of word stubbed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of stub. (verb)
  • Short and thick, like something truncated; blunt; obtuse. (adjective)

Examples of word stubbed

    • '' We kind of stubbed our own toe a little bit. ''
    • This wasn't nearly as gross as the time you 'stubbed' your toe!
    • "We kind of stubbed our toe when we were up, 3-1," Thomas admitted.
    • Barely were the words out of my mouth when I stubbed my toe on some obstacle, pitched forward, and butted my head into something that FELT very much like a door.
    • “I stubbed my toe on a corner of the dresser,” he muttered.
    • One night in getting away from a patrol, I had stubbed my toes on rocks.
    • Munir laughed, sounding infinitely tired, and stubbed out his cigarette.
    • At nine o'clock he stubbed his toe on a rocky ledge, and from sheer weariness and weakness staggered and fell.
    • This minimizes injuries to the shoulders, arms, and hands by preventing the chance of “flail†injuries – if you†™ ve ever stubbed your toe, replace your toe with an arm and you know what I mean.
    • Or when she stubbed her foot on her dresser and broke her pinkie toe.