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What is the meaning of streak in Hindi?

Meaning of streak in Hindi is : सीधी रेखा में तेज़ी से जाना

Definition of word streak

  • An irregular line left from smearing or motion. (noun)
  • A continuous series of like events. (noun)
  • The color of the powder of a mineral. So called, because a simple field test for a mineral is to streak it against unglazed white porcelain. (noun)
  • A moth of the family Geometridae Chesias legatella. (noun)
  • A tendency or characteristic, but not a dominant or pervasive one. (noun)
  • to have or obtain streaks. (verb)
  • to run naked in public (verb)
  • to create streaks (verb)
  • To move very swiftly. (verb)

Examples of word streak

  • The Rocket's win streak is one (contradict perception of indespensibility?).
  • The small win streak is important because Indiana had lost seven in a row before beating New York on Wednesday.
  • That streak is one game short of Wayne Gretzky's league record for longest points streak from a debut with a new team, set in 1988 with Los Angeles.
  • This win streak is Detroit's longest since winning 11 in a row from Dec. 14-Jan.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers '33-game win streak is the longest among teams in the four major pro sports, bettering the 2003-04 New England Patriots (21), baseball's 1916 New York Giants (26) and the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins (17).


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