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What is the meaning of strap in Hindi?

Meaning of strap in Hindi is : बद्धी से मारना या बांधना

Definition of word strap

  • A long, narrow, pliable strip of leather, cloth, or the like. (noun)
  • To beat or chastise with a strap; to whip, to lash. (verb)

Examples of word strap

    • *apply teh 50s baving cap wif chin strap n fassen strap*
    • A textile strap is threaded around all shelves, through milled notches in the wood, firmly tying them together.
    • Two of my favorites are the Feed Bag from British cycling-gear maker Rapha and the Plain Musette from Archival Clothing, whose strap is the same material used on M16 rifle slings.
    • As for her character … Well, you could love her just for her wig with the elastic chin strap and false eyelashes.
    • In this revolver the whole top strap is gone and most of both adjoining chambers.
    • The textile strap is an integral component of the construction, and provides a high degree of stability.
    • There was blood visible on the chin strap of his helmet.
    • In cold weather the Lone Wolf strap is hard to tighten down on.
    • As I was stepping up to write the next answer, my right strap from the interior of my foot to the big toe got caught on the platform, and the part where the strap comes together, completely tore off.