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What is the meaning of straddle in Hindi?

Meaning of straddle in Hindi is : या चलना

Definition of word straddle

  • To sit or stand with a leg on each side of something. (verb)
    किसी चीज के दोनों ओर पैर रखकर बैठना या खड़ा होना।
  • a posture in which one straddles something (noun)
    एक मुद्रा जिसमें कोई किसी चीज को फैलाता है

Examples of word straddle

    • A straddle is a bet on volatility, as it makes money if a market moves sharply either up or down.
    • The straddle is self-centering, and clamps securely with two small hex screws.
    • Hoodathunk (sponsored by the FSM, Noodles for Freedom!) says: backup, are you just a teeny bit cranky because that fence you constantly straddle is chafing?
    • This not-uncommon strategy is called a straddle, and it is perfect for taking advantage of periods of high market volatility where direction is uncertain.
    • Last Friday, the blue-chip conglomerate was singled out for a long-term straddle, with the trader zeroing in on GE's December series.
    • One way to do that is through what 's known as a straddle, in which an investor purchases both put and call options on a market index.
    • Plenty of volume was evident on both sides in what is known as a straddle trade, in which investors buy a "put" option and a "call" option, betting on volatility.
    • The so-called straddle trade generated a credit of $5.12 and will make money if the stock remains between about
    • A straddle is the use of the same strikes for both the call and the put, but a strangle uses out-of-the-money OTM options, usually equally spaced from the price of the underlying.