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What is the meaning of steaming in Hindi?

Meaning of steaming in Hindi is :

Definition of word steaming

  • The action of steam on something. (noun)
  • Giving off steam (adjective)
  • Present participle of steam. (verb)

Examples of word steaming

  • When Aliette comes in, steaming from the showers, her hair in a black cloth cap with a strap under the chin, L. lifts her from her chair and carries her into the water.
  • Leaf wrapping, since it involves baking, grilling or steaming, is a healthy method of food preparation since it requires no fat for frying.
  • My father’s face was tight, his skin red, his expression steaming.
  • On the whole, though, it's akin to "steaming" - the tactic of getting a gang of 50 youths together and committing mass robbery on all in a narrow area eg. a train.
  • Matthews is still steaming from the Hottie Center Fold Senator Scottie Brown in the Full Monty.
  • Middle-aged men and women who’ve volunteered for the coffee run carry their cardboard trays loaded with cups steaming from the spouted lids as if coffee-cup carrying was an Olympic event and they’re in training with a good shot at making the US team if only they can shave another .05 seconds off their best time.