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What is the meaning of status in Hindi?

Meaning of status in Hindi is : हैसियत

Definition of word status

  • A person’s condition, position or standing relative to that of others. (noun)
  • Prestige or high standing. (noun)
  • A situation or state of affairs. (noun)
  • The legal condition of a person or thing. (noun)

Examples of word status

  • -- _Social status the measure of financial status_.
  • He never troubled himself about his status; indeed, we would say _status_ was not the word for him.
  • For example ... (select statusID from STATUS_TBL where status = @status).
  • Sysdatabases. status and sysdatabases. status2 Bit of Sysdatabases in SQLServer declare @status int; declare @status2 int;
  • Set @status = '65544' -- Replace your DB status here set @status2 = '1090520064' -- Replace your DB status2 here


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