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What is the meaning of stateswoman in Hindi?

Meaning of stateswoman in Hindi is : राजनीति विशारद

Definition of word stateswoman

  • A woman who is a leader in national or international affairs. (noun)
  • A female political leader who promotes the public good or who is recognized for probity, leadership, or the qualities necessary to govern a state. (noun)

Examples of word stateswoman

    • Hillary has risen past being a partisan hack in her husband's white house and has been an effective legislator and stateswoman (is that a word?).
    • She could be a tub-thumping British patriot, but she also saw herself as a global stateswoman.
    • Hillary is a true stateswoman of class and serves in the political arena that makes us all proud.
    • Much as Lauper idolises the original generation of blues shouters, she now enjoys the status of an elder stateswoman herself.
    • She didn't take any crap from anyone, had lots of children out of wedlock, was intelligent and witty, known for her abilities and was a good stateswoman.


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