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What is the meaning of statesperson in Hindi?

Meaning of statesperson in Hindi is :

Definition of word statesperson

  • A politician who is a leader in national or international affairs. (noun)
  • A political leader who promotes the public good or who is recognized for probity, leadership, or the qualities necessary to govern a state. (noun)

Examples of word statesperson

    • She ended it by asking for a round of applause for the Gorgon being awarded the "statesperson" (yes she really called it that) of the year award or whatever it was at the G20 party.
    • There is not much left to say about Pittman that has not been penned; he is indeed an elder statesperson of art in L.A.
    • HIllary is strong and powerful but lacks the poise and demeanor it takes to be a true statesperson.
    • All of Lumley's fierceness comes from within, whereas Mrs T was expertly styled as a world statesperson, to such an extent that Condoleeza Rice only had to do likewise with the military-style double breasted coats and the boots.
    • Hosting teas in the White House for eight years and playing the victim do not a statesperson make. jennyGA


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