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What is the meaning of statesman in Hindi?

Meaning of statesman in Hindi is : राज्यधुरंधर

Definition of word statesman

  • A man who is a leader in national or international affairs. (noun)

Examples of word statesman

  • Daniel Webster was a great statesman, Therefore Daniel Webster was farsighted_, sounds simple; but two generations have disagreed on the question whether Webster was a great statesman; and both _great statesman_ and _farsighted_ are such vague and inclusive terms that one would either accept a general principle of which they are terms as a harmless truism, or else balk at being asked to grant a proposition which might have unexpected meanings thrust into it.
  • In the sentence, _Webster, the statesman, was born in New Hampshire_, the noun _statesman_ modifies the subject _Webster_ by explaining what or which
  • When an American publisher asked me to write a book about Winston Churchill the man-not the statesmanfor the statesman is his own best biographer-I was faced with the problem of how to make this incredibly gifted man credible to the reader.
  • History has very little approval for planned economies, and pehaps, if you ask a, definition of the word statesman from the voice of history, it would be this, that he is one who wisely administers the emergencies that arise from time to time, because, if he handles each emergency wisely, he will find he has built well for the future.
  • The Christian Science Monitor runs an AP story that gives a little taste of what lies underneath, "Nestor Kirchner remembered as Latin American statesman":