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What is the meaning of stated in Hindi?

Meaning of stated in Hindi is : विवरणित:

Definition of word stated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of state. (verb)
  • Settled; established; fixed. (adjective)

Examples of word stated

    • The label stated that "there may be an association between the use of Topamax during pregnancy and congenital malformations."
    • The label stated that the product contained no phosphorus and was safe for PVC pipe.
    • The label stated that while the product may cause "severe burns which may not be immediately painful," it also "safely and easily removes stains."
    • For the reason why the definition is rendered is to make known the term stated, and we make things known by taking not any random terms, but such as are prior and more intelligible, as is done in demonstrations (for so it is with all teaching and learning); accordingly, it is clear that a man who does not define through terms of this kind has not defined at all.
    • He wished, as the title stated, to expound them thoroughly in their Scriptural meaning, for setting forth the grace of Christ and God, and enabling true self-knowledge.
    • The label stated that they were real ducks fed by his own hand.
    • Paragot on his label stated that he had fed the ducks with his own hand.
    • The label stated the dose to be "two table-spoonfuls," and bore, as usual, a number corresponding with a number placed on the prescription.
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