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What is the meaning of standdown in Hindi?

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Definition of word standdown

Examples of word standdown

  • Further, after initial resistance in which law enforcement was not only resisted but killed, it would not have been feasible to standdown.
  • After the very badly handled initial contact, Howell had 51 days to surrender or arrange a standdown.
  • It's probably logically equivalent to pointing out that we know how an effective way to stop terrorists from taking over civilian planes and using them for nefarious purposes: it's called "total ground standdown" and we saw it done in September 2001.
  • And the web site is called standdown. org if you want to find out more about him and all the great work that Roy Foster is doing.
  • To the south, neither Taipei nor Beijing looks eager to heed Washington's pleas for a standdown from their war of words since Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui's incendiary comments in early July, when he seemed to edge the province toward independence.
  • Though a Sadr standdown order resolved the situation to a degree, the flare-up also highlighted the destructive role Iran has played in funding, training, arming and directing the so-called special groups and generated renewed concern about Iran in the minds of many Iraqi leaders.
  • OpEdNews - Quicklink: ACC orders commandwide standdown Friday -
  • As a result of these three incidents, all of which occurred within just the last few hours, I'm calling on the industry to cease production activities immediately and go into a mine safety standdown.
  • They also faced an uncertain near-term future that included a shuttle fleet composed of only three orbiters, a shuttle flight standdown of unknown duration, and equally uncertain impacts on the completion and use of the International Space