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What is the meaning of stab in Hindi?

Meaning of stab in Hindi is : हूल

Definition of word stab

  • An act of stabbing or thrusting with an object. (noun)
  • A wound made by stabbing. (noun)
  • Pain inflicted on a person's feelings. (noun)
  • An attempt. (noun)
  • Criticism. (noun)
  • To pierce or to wound with a pointed tool or weapon, especially a knife or dagger. (verb)
  • To recklessly hit with the tip of a pointed object, such as a weapon or finger (often used with at). (verb)
  • To cause a sharp, painful sensation (often used with at). (verb)

Examples of word stab

  • Bang went his stabbing assagai against his shield, and then _stab, stab, stab_, when he turned upon his feet as if upon a pivot, darting his weapon as if he were some fierce creature armed with
  • Rather than being spoken to like a kindergartner. * stab stab stab*
  • The Democrats will once again stab our troops in the back and vote against funding.
  • A taint stab is better because they may be too embarrassed to go to a doctor and die of blood loss/infection.
  • Are there any other Veterans outraged by McCain stab in the back?


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