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What is the meaning of spring in Hindi?

Meaning of spring in Hindi is : ७ॅईरना

Definition of word spring

  • To jump or leap. (verb)
  • Traditionally the first of the four seasons of the year in temperate regions, in which plants spring from the ground and trees come into blossom, following winter and preceding summer. (noun)

Examples of word spring

    • This ligament contains a considerable amount of elastic fibers, so as to give elasticity to the arch and spring to the foot; hence it is sometimes called the “spring” ligament.
    • _sleeve_ or _thimble_ and it usually forms one of the main terminals of the jack; the spring, forming the other principal terminal, is called the _tip spring_, since it engages the tip of the plug.
    • But sparrows splashed in the pools of sunshine; in a lull the darky's voice came again, chanting passionately, "In de spring, spring, _spring_!" and Carl clamored: "I've _got_ to get out to-day.
    • I dumped the term spring cleaning from my personal lexicon many years ago.
    • "We are hopeful B.J. will be able to go through spring with it being his non-throwing shoulder and be able to participate in spring from a mental standpoint," coach Skip Holtz said.
    • Nor does the term spring to mind when some scary wackadoo runs amok at a university and starts shooting everything that moves.
    • Perhaps the most common way to fish a plastic frog in spring is with a slow stop-and-go retrieve along the outside edges of shoreline cover.
    • Define the term spring and give an example of a spring in the area.
    • And I am here to tell you that a great many of the ills that have overtaken Britain spring from the Socialist regime - the lack of incentive, the feeling that the Government is going to do everything for everybody, at somebody's expense.