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What is the meaning of spliff in Hindi?

Meaning of spliff in Hindi is : मारिउवानायुक्त सिगरेट

Definition of word spliff

  • A cannabis cigarette. (noun)
    एक भांग की सिगरेट।

Examples of word spliff

  • Just what kind of spliff, MJ or whatever you call it are they giving to you people in "generation La-La-La land"?
  • Apparently, I've been pronouncing "spliff" wrong all these years.
  • On Bob Marley: "Marley, as Toynbee writes, was initially skeptical about Perkins's contribution, but came around on hearing the subtle color his work added; he signaled his approval by offering Perkins a draw on his personal marijuana cigar (or 'spliff')."
  • Posted October 1st, 2008 at 5: 05 pm by Jeff btw, when cliff was with the cubs we (my friends and i) always called him "spliff" after I had a dream about him and Lou smoking a big ole joint while making fun of Matt Murton
  • Jake asked again as he pulled in smoke from the spliff Mike passed him.
  • Still at least he brought some decent champagne, but he did turn somewhat green upon being persuaded to toke on a spliff...
  • When I got back, my friend Gregg offered me a spliff.
  • Then we picked a professorial type we'd most like to split a spliff with or have dated back in college.
  • I went to Brighton by train, as I had done from Bethlem Royal a year earlier, but unfortunately, once there I was stupid enough to beg a spliff off two men and tell them my full story.
  • Sean and Woody lit a spliff with the best-smelling hash I have ever smelt.