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What is the meaning of spirituel in Hindi?

Meaning of spirituel in Hindi is : सुसंस्कृत

Definition of word spirituel

Examples of word spirituel

  • For this poet, a veritable child of Negro folk, gives expression to its spirit in need and language more akin to the ante-bellum 'spirituel' than any writer I know.
  • They are generally what the French call "spirituel," and often have rather desperate love-affairs which they keep very closely to themselves.
  • "spirituel" might mean; and in "The Princess" Mr. Tennyson has embodied the ideal of that nobler, wider, purer, yet equally fallacious, because equally unnatural, analogue, which we may meet too often up and down England now.
  • Pour bien juger de cela, il suffit d'écouter les choeurs du concert spirituel de Paris, & d'en comparer les dessus avec ceux de l'opéra.
  • Le 4eme rayon harmonie par le conflit, Beauté est une interface entre le spirituel et le matériel.
  • [5] Jean-Joseph Surin, Guide spirituel, edited by Michel de Certeau (Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 1963), p. 60; Correspondance, edited by Michel de Certeau (Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 1966).
  • They have assemblies, a concert spirituel, and a comedy.
  • He was, at the same time spirituel and ignorant, sceptical and violently imbued with the prejudices of his class.
  • "It is he in the flesh; and looking anything but _spirituel_," said