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What is the meaning of sparkly in Hindi?

Meaning of sparkly in Hindi is : उत्साह से भरा हुआ

Definition of word sparkly

  • giving off sparks, or small flashes of light; glittery (adjective)

Examples of word sparkly

  • There was even some discussion that she might want to go home after last week's performance of the rumba in sparkly underpants and a white silk shirt.
  • Rachelle Lefevre: Possible cred v. screen time in sparkly romance.
  • It was a dome of poofy poodle fur framed with two mesh puffballs in sparkly green and pink.
  • We aren't interested in sparkly vampires or international spy thrillers.
  • Each sparkly is about 40 inches (101 cm) square, plus or minus up to 2 inches (5 cm).
  • It's in sparkly phase right now and I should be okay as long as the sun stays behind the clouds.
  • The reigning queen: Alexa Chung, who looked gorgeous last year in short sparkly navy and who totally has that Brits hairdo down.
  • The redheaded comedian kept it simple in short, sparkly black number.