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What is the meaning of soundness in Hindi?

Meaning of soundness in Hindi is : स्वस्थता

Definition of word soundness

  • The state or quality of being sound. (noun)
  • The result or product of being sound. (noun)
  • The property (of an argument) of not only being valid, but also of having true premises. (noun)
  • The property of a logical theory that whenever a wff is a theorem then it must also be valid. Symbolically, letting T represent a theory within logic L, this can be represented as the property that whenever is true, then must also be true, for any wff φ of logic L. (noun)

Examples of word soundness

  • What will it take for markets to be convinced of the long-term soundness of European public finances?
  • The community's, i.e. Cherokee's, financial soundness is a result of low expenditures and a very high soldier's retirement, he says.
  • This example confirms what we know about argument: logical/formal soundness is important, but the biases that audiences bring to the table are equally important — because the success of an argument ultimately depends on whether or not it actually persuades.
  • "That's very good news for the long-term soundness of the U.S. economy."
  • But the three-month lending rate rose Thursday, suggesting that fears about banks 'longer-term soundness remain.


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