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What is the meaning of sophistic in Hindi?

Meaning of sophistic in Hindi is : मिथ्यावाद सम्बन्धी

Definition of word sophistic

  • Sophistical. (adjective)

Examples of word sophistic

  • A comment was banned for the use of the word sophistic?
  • With the movement in Greek thought which is generally known as sophistic,
  • Sullen countermodernity images the academic as the snide sophistic Last Man, pathetically, defensively retreated into what – all good sense knows – is pseudo-intellectual flummery.
  • Claudius follows this with a sophistic argument -- "But you must know your father lost a father" -- which functions as a licentia.
  • Where these features are self-evident, the sophistic monosensicalist will not challenge the accuracy of the observation but will instead insist that “marriage” refers only to the instituionalised union of husband and wife, in order to redraw the goalposts and exclude the weight of evidence; there is only one example of “marriage” in the work, they will insist, so this canot be a key theme.


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