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What is the meaning of solar energy in Hindi?

Meaning of solar energy in Hindi is :
सौर ऊर्जा

Definition of word solar energy

  • Energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the Sun; especially that part of this energy that is converted into usable thermal or electrical energy by man. (noun)

Examples of word solar energy

  • The solar energy captured by chloroplasts in plants lies at the base of complicated food chains, in which the energy passes from plants through herbivores, which may be insects, through carnivores, which may be insects or insectivores as well as wolves and leopards, through scavengers such as vultures and dung beetles, and eventually to agents of decay such as fungi and bacteria.
  • A life using liquid methane as its basic solvent, solid ammonia as a starting point for nitrate synthesis: the plants use solar energy to build unsaturated carbon compounds, releasing hydrogen; the animals eat the plants and reduce those com­pounds again to the saturated form.
  • And it was not until after the “Scientific Revolution” of the seventeenth century and the demonstration that the atmosphere acts as a heat engine powered by solar energy that the rational basis for the attempt to make such ma - chines was finally destroyed.
  • So, it covers a very vast distance, and the solar energy vehicles, which don't need to be refuelled simply demonstrates the accessibility of the technology.
  • Plants use solar energy to drive ‘uphill’ chemical syntheses, manufacturing organic fuels, primarily sugars.

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