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What is the meaning of social networking in Hindi?

Meaning of social networking in Hindi is :

Definition of word social networking

  • The interaction between a group of people who share a common interest. (noun)
  • Using social contacts to network. (noun)
  • The use of Internet communities to network and communicate using shared interests, related skills, or geographical location between consumers and businesses. (noun)
  • A web interface that allows users to post ideas and interact. Groups and relationships of complete strangers may be formed by various means such as interests or mutual friends. (noun)

Examples of word social networking

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  • Stop building social networks (Chris Messina) “We need to stop building independent spider webs of sticky siloed social activity … to stop fighting the nature of the web and embrace the design of URIs for people … to have a user agent that actually understands what it means to be a person online.” (tags: socialsoftware social_software socialnetworking interoperability portablesocialnetworks socialgraph chrismessina digitalidentity) [...]
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