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What is the meaning of social networking in Hindi?

Meaning of social networking in Hindi is :

Definition of word social networking

Examples of word social networking

  • Global Voices Online Caste Based Communities on Orkut Mirror India%u2019s Splintered Society Interesting overview of caste-based social network communities on Orkut, Facebook and other sites by Gaurav Mishra (tags: india culture sociology socialnetworking caste web2. 0 sorting) [...] 11 June 2009, 16: 02 pm
  • I think this remains an as yet unproven but tantalising question. (from Dominic Campbell) (tags: socialmedia networks NESTA connections socialnetworking)
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  • Stop building social networks (Chris Messina) “We need to stop building independent spider webs of sticky siloed social activity … to stop fighting the nature of the web and embrace the design of URIs for people … to have a user agent that actually understands what it means to be a person online.” (tags: socialsoftware social_software socialnetworking interoperability portablesocialnetworks socialgraph chrismessina digitalidentity) [...]
  • OAuth 1.0, OpenID 2.0 and up next: DiSo | FactoryCity Chris Messina and friends are doing good work prototyping the next generation of social networking tools (tags: diso oauth openid socialnetworking) [...] wp-openid moving to DiSo on Dec 10th at 11am


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