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What is the meaning of snuggle in Hindi?

Meaning of snuggle in Hindi is : सटकर या चिपटकर लेट जाना

Definition of word snuggle

  • An affectionate hug. (noun)
  • The final remnant left in a liquor bottle. (noun)
  • To lie close to another person or thing, hugging or being cosy. (verb)
  • To move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position. (verb)

Examples of word snuggle

  • When my six year old, who loves to "snuggle", is 26 I hope I have other ways to show her how much I love her.
  • He requires more energy than * I* possess, the charm of his snuggle is pretty dang irresistible ♥
  • Or "Middle East in snuggle-fit over photos of little boy feeding a duck."
  • Still another explanation for the appeal or horror movies may be the so-called "snuggle theory."
  • The foster mom says, "At night she sleeps in her bed at the foot of our bed, but sometimes likes to sneak a snuggle or two right before my husband and I go to bed." nancycunderwood@gmail.com.


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