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What is the meaning of snub in Hindi?

Meaning of snub in Hindi is : लकड़ी की गांठ

Definition of word snub

Examples of word snub

  • MTV asks:: Which Oscar Sci-Fi Snub is the Most Offensive?
  • These Bulldogs were forever known as the Snub Team.
  • "Snub" is the word of choice for these oversights, and Christopher Nolan is well acquainted with its meaning.
  • "Snub" is a popular media word because it allows feelings to be attributed to the victims of the alleged snobbery with or without their knowledge or agreement.
  • Shenck "Profoundly Disappointed" By Obama Campaign's "Snub" we were wondering why Barack Obama's campaign was legitimizing right-wing leader Rob Schenck of Faith and Action by attending the forum he was moderating, especially considering his long history of militant anti-abortion activism, fines, and arrests.
  • TPM Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Did Obama "Snub" Congressional Black Caucus?
  • Obama, Brown Meet At G-20 After Rumors Of A "Snub"